Private Events

Ponderosa Adventure Park has a private event planning service, ideal for celebrations and corporate activities.

Team building, school fieldtrips, weddings, and birthdays are some of the options of activities that can take place in our park. All this can happen in an amazing 70 hectare scenery suitable for every taste.

Contact us and we´ll budget your desired activity.

Types of events

Improve your team´s efficiency and strengthen their bond. For this, we have a special Team Building Program, providing activities made especially for good teamwork.

There is no outdoor place, provided with the dry forest nature like the amazing Ponderosa Adventure Park.

We offer:

  • Private areas.
  •  Team and individual extreme activities.
  •  Leadership skill developing activities as well as trust developing activities.
  • Buffet-style food service.
  •  Motivational talks with specialists, among others.

Ask for a budget statement at our  Call Center 2666-1111

Don´t matter if your party is big or small, you´ll find the best way of celebrating your birthday in our Park.

We offer private areas where you can celebrate with your family and friends. Our packages include everything from tables and chairs, food, decoration and photography.

Enjoy those unforgettable moments with your loved ones in the hands of adventure and adrenaline in Ponderosa Adventure Park.

One of the most important days of your life as a couple, deserve an unforgettable place like no other. This is why we invite you to come and check out for yourself that you will not find a place like this.

Ponderosa Adventure Park offers to the couple the most diverse sceneries; like the groom arriving on a horse to the wedding, to a wedding in front of the romantic La Perla waterfall. All of this in hands of high level staff, and totally personalized services.

We offer seven different food service packages to choose, as well as photography service that will capture forever the joy of this union in the company of your loved ones.

Getting married here means that you will enjoy a complete service, the elegance of our architecture, and being surrounded by a luxurious and eccentric style.

Ask for our packages that include; event room, tables, chairs, silverware, glassware, plates, delicate napkins, table arrangement, beverages, and waiters.

For school, highschool, and university groups we offer educational fieldtrips. The time and type of activities will be arranged according to the school´s needs.

Ask for a Budget statement at our call center 2666-1111.