How long are the tours?

Each tour is approximately one hour long

How much is the admissions ticket?

We don’t have and admissions fee for entering the park, but we offer packages of activities. For more information you can call (506) 2288-1000 or write to the chat on this website.

What attractions or activities do you offer?

We offer zip-line, kayak, waterfall tour, safari, horseback riding, extreme Zip-line, hiking and quad bikes. To know the cost of each, click here.

Where are you located?

We are located in El Salto. That is 10 minutes before getting to Liberia, if using the new road form Cañas.

Can I bring my own food?

Only food purchased within the park is allowed.

How far in advanced should i make my reservations?

You must make reservations with at least a 24 hr notice.

What do I have to do to make reservations?

To make reservations you can call 2288-1000 or 2105-7171

At what age must children pay?

Children under 4 do not pay, children between 4 and 12 years old pay the kids fee.

What are the park hours?

We are open Monday- Sunday from 8am- 5pm

Do you have hosting Service?

We do not offer rooms inside the park. But we are located only 10 minutes away from Liberia, where you can choose from a variety of hotels. We can recommend some at 2288-1000 or 2105-7171.

Is there a special fee for elderly and handicapped?

We have a special fee for handicapped and elderly, for more information you can call 2105-7171 or 2288-1000.

Can I bring my own carrots?

The carrots we feed our animals with are only sold in the park. The bag costs ₡1000.

Do you have a place to eat?

In the park, you will find La Pampa restaurant, where we offer buffet style lunch, fast food such as pizza, and snacks.

What activities are suitable for small children?

Each activity depends on the height and age of the kid. For children under 4 we recommend the Safari and the Waterfall tour.

What activities can elderly people do?

We recommend hiking, waterfall tour, safari tour, horseback riding and kayak for elderly people.